motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Stop Waiting for Your Competition to Trip - 09/24/23 02:18 PM
Motivational Monday…Stop Waiting for Your Competition to Trip
The other day, the analysts were discussing my team which was on the brink of being #1 in their division.

Fans that we are, Larry and I have been keeping tabs on the teams that were #1 and #3. We’ve gone as far as to catch some of their games, rooting for them to lose.
However, as the baseball analysts so aptly noted…while our team is aware of the scores of the competing teams, their focus is on what they need to do to win.  They cannot wait and hope that their competitors lose.
Moving … (22 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Focus On YOU and What You Can Do - 09/17/23 06:40 PM
Motivational Monday…Focus On YOU and What You Can Do
The game many were watching this weekend was an excellent example of how trash-talking only highlights your own weaknesses.
The week leading up to the game, the opposing coach (Coach N)  made a negative comment about the other coach's (Coach P) attire. 

It wasn’t football-related or necessary. The game ended up going into double overtime. The winner?  Coach P and his team. 
Focusing on putting your competitor down never works in the long run. You may have a moment of feeling good about yourself but what it does is show others that YOU are the … (23 comments)

motivational monday: September 11-Twenty-Two Years Later - 09/10/23 03:29 PM
September 11-Twenty-Two Years Later

It has been twenty-two years since the September 11 attacks on our country. Many in college now were not even born then. 
It seems like yesterday when the reality of what happened hit us. Numbness, disbelief, horror, anger, and frightened were just some of the feelings that washed over us in the following days. 
Twenty-two years may have passed but we will not forget.  Just this week the remains of two more people from the September 11 Terrorist Attacks in New York were finally identified. 
When I think about those days, though, what gives me hope is remembering how we all … (34 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Now vs Who Knows When? - 09/03/23 05:50 PM
Motivational Monday…Now vs Who Knows When?
Something that Ron and Alexandra Seigel always wrote about was the importance of being in the moment. 
I’d never given it much thought until I began reading their posts. 
What I’ve come to understand is that what we have in life is NOW. Even though it’s important that we have plans and goals for the future, we cannot be so focused that we lose the truly important things in life.
One of our favorite parks where we walk has scattered along the path hand-painted stones with sayings on them.  There are some that have been there for months however, … (22 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Celebrating Thoughtfulness - 08/27/23 03:57 PM
Motivational Monday…Celebrating Thoughtfulness
A very simple idea was shared at a “rah-rah” sales meeting many years ago…

It takes a lot of thought to be thoughtful.
Did you ever witness a kind gesture by someone and slapped your head saying “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Offering a kind word, giving aid to someone without their asking, helping someone with their packages…this is not something that comes naturally to us. 
When we’re children our parents teach us to say “please” and “thank you.” One of the first things we’re taught is to Share! We learn from observing how they treat others, whether they know them or … (21 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Stuck? - 08/20/23 01:54 PM
Motivational Monday…Stuck?
Have you ever wanted something and no matter how persistent you were, your goal seemed out of reach?
Recently I watched a program and the storyline showed someone whose soul focus was his goal. So much so, he neglected his family and friends and his job. 
The advice he received?  There is a cosmic tab you have to pay first. 
Stop or give pause to the obsession with what you want. Turn that laser focus to helping someone else…a cause, mentorship, your community…doesn’t matter.
I’m not implying that you give up on your goal…no not at all. However, as they say, there’s … (23 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…A Reminder to Me - 08/13/23 02:07 PM
Motivational Monday…A Reminder to Me

An ongoing effort of mine is to be less judgemental of others. As Michael Jacobs would say…I remain a work in progress.
When I find myself being opinionated about something or someone, I try to discover the why…the reason for their actions. 

We turned to the beginning of the Hall of Fame game between the Browns and the Jets. We were late tuning in and heard Demarcus Ware singing the National Anthem. 

To be kind, it was the worst rendition I’d ever heard. Larry and I could not fathom why he chose to sing it or why his … (17 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Rudderless Ships - 08/06/23 01:15 PM
Motivational Monday…Rudderless Ships
Have you ever met someone who seemed lost even though he knew where he was? 
We know someone like that. He’s amicable but stays to himself. While he recently received a promotion, he still seems lost.
Larry described him as a ship without a rudder. Every day he seems to go through the motions of life. 
Of course, not everyone needs to be a high achiever to be happy or at peace with where they are. 
While we are the captain of our ship,  without a rudder, we lose control over our direction.  Some may wander aimlessly…feeling as if they’re moving but … (24 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Rising Tides - 07/30/23 02:07 PM
Motivational Monday…Rising Tides
Last week I had the pleasure of a 3-hour wait at my doctor’s office. I calculated that roughly 13% of that time was for a test and consultation with my doctor.  
This is a busy practice.  That day my doctor had an emergency at the hospital and some of the testees had complicated conditions resulting in long delays for everyone. 

While waiting in the packed testing area we were “entertained” by the cutest couple. The husband and wife were in their 80s+ and were so sweet to each other. They bantered as if they might have been on their first date. 
And … (25 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Two Way Street - 07/23/23 05:24 PM
Motivational Monday…Two Way Street
It wouldn’t be a stretch for me to say that our members are quick to help others. 
However, friendship is a two-way street. I’m not referring to the times when it seems that the giving of help is weighted primarily on your end. 
How often or how willing are you to ask a friend for their assistance…either with a task, a question, or an opinion? 

Many years ago, I was having drinks with a co-worker. She shared some concerns she was having about her boyfriend.

Then, she asked me why I never shared my problems, etc with her. I’m not sure … (19 comments)

motivational monday: Monday Motivational…Goals Need More Than a Wish to Succeed - 07/16/23 05:58 PM
Monday Motivational…Goals Need More Than a Wish to Succeed
When you have a goal or even a destination you want to reach, it’s important to know how you plan to get there. You need a precise idea of where you want to end up. Vague notions may not be your best route to take. 

The other day we took a walk through the wooded area that is connected to the park where we walk. There are two small bridges at different points to mark the entry into this area.  
 The first time we went through the woods, I marked the entry and exit … (18 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Not Everyone Knows - 07/09/23 03:40 PM
Motivational Monday…Not Everyone Knows
Have you ever been in a transaction or situation where you felt like a dog being led by a leash? Your biggest concern was not what was happening but that you didn’t know what to expect. 
Recently I underwent some medical tests. They were painless and I was out in about 45 minutes.  Even so, I was apprehensive as I was lying down and getting ready to be hooked up. 
What took any nervousness I had was that the technicians explained what they were doing every step of the way. 
They let me know what I might expect and how long … (16 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Your Purpose - 07/02/23 06:03 PM
Motivational Monday…Your Purpose
With thoughts of July 4th and our nation’s independence on our minds, my thoughts turned to the 56  representatives from the thirteen colonies who signed our Declaration of Independence. 
All of the signers had a great deal to lose. 

Their choice to leave their families and homes to attend the Continental Congress was not to seek their fortunes or to write a book that would hit the best-seller list. Most signers were already established as lawyers, farmers, and merchants. 
They journeyed to Philadelphia to do their job and return to their homes. 
What they had was a purpose…a passion so important to … (14 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Preconceived Notions - 06/25/23 06:17 PM
Motivational Monday…Preconceived Notions
When it comes to being non-judgmental, I am a work in progress. While I consider myself to be open-minded, there are many times when I hold preconceived notions. They include events I don’t want to attend or certain people I have no desire to see. 
In a way, we’ve been programmed to judge from an early age. Our parents taught us to stay away from the bad kids.  Who were they? How could you tell? We learned to judge good people from bad people as a self-defense mechanism. 
To confuse us even more, those same parents encouraged us not to judge … (22 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Don’t Give Up - 06/18/23 01:53 PM
Motivational Monday…Don’t Give Up
One of the first times we met our neighbor, he told us he has Alzheimer's. He may or may not have it, however, he does have some form of memory impairment. 

He often brings a list of what he wants to discuss with us. When he is tired or stressed, it shows in his demeanor. 
What I admire about him is his dogged persistence in tackling the tasks that are difficult for him. 
 Anything involving a device such as his laptop, printer, or iPhone will often result in a call to us. And Larry and I don’t mind because while he … (19 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Making Excuses - 06/11/23 05:40 PM
Motivational Monday…Making Excuses
The dog ate my homework. 
How many times have you heard that or something similar?
Someone who worked for me had an excuse for everything. Her favorite was she was late because traffic was heavy. Traffic in Houston is always heavy!  Instead of owning the fact that she should have left earlier…it was always the traffic. 
Excuses are not reasons. 
We’ve all found ourselves in situations when there was no reason for what we did or did not do other than the fact that it was not high on our list of priorities. 
A friend was always late meeting us for dinner or to … (26 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…How’s Yours? - 06/04/23 05:32 PM
Motivational Monday…How’s Yours?
In life, there are many things that are beyond our control. However, there is something we all have within us that can be adjusted and over which we alone have control.  
Like the sails on a boat that we captain, our ATTITUDE is something we have the ability to adjust to whatever conditions we face. 

Today is National Attitude Day!   What better way to begin the week than taking stock of our own attitude? 
Having a positive outlook on life is good for your physical and mental health. But there’s an even better reason to put your Pollyanna glasses on… people … (25 comments)

motivational monday: Memorial Day…Words Are Not Enough - 05/28/23 06:01 PM
Memorial Day…Words Are Not Enough
I know this is a busy time and there are countless Memorial Day posts to read, so if you do nothing else while visiting my post, I hope you’ll watch this video made by Alejandro Villanueva…

This weekend many of us have been spending time with friends and family members…celebrating the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. 

However, let us not forget that this precious time we have been given is due in part to the many sacrifices over the years of those who defended our country and our way of life at the … (20 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday…Being YOU - 05/21/23 05:46 PM
Motivational Monday…Being YOU
What a perfect way to begin the week by being YOU!  This means the real you…not the YOU others want you to be or that you think others want. 
Today is International Being You Day!  It was created by Dr. Dain Heer 3 years ago.
There are so many pressures to be a certain way…to think along the same lines as your peers.  Many want us to journey along the same path they take in life. 
When I was a young adult, I had what I consider a huge epiphany. I was dating someone who liked to hunt, fish, and go … (26 comments)

motivational monday: Motivational Monday… Be Who You Are Now - 05/14/23 04:43 PM
Motivational Monday… Be Who You Are Now
If you are lucky enough to reach adulthood and beyond, you learn that who you are now may not be the person you thought you would be or were on the road to becoming. 
The other day I watched a show where the character had been seriously injured in Iraq. He turned away from his family and thought about what had been denied him. 
“I was fighting myself, trying to be an empty version of what I was before. I need to try and find a way to be who I am now.”
 Life throws us curveballs…places bumps … (17 comments)





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