Unlocking BPO Efficiency: A Guide to Essential BPO Tools and Apps

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Welcome to BrokerPriceOpinions! I'm Frank Worrell, a real estate agent with a career spanning since 1995 and a focus on Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) since 2008. As we inaugurate this community, I want to arm you with some indispensable tools that have been pivotal in optimizing my BPO workflow. These tools are designed to help you amplify both your active and passive income streams from BPOs.

ShortKeys App for PC

What It Is: A text replacement tool that enables you to create shortcuts for frequently used phrases or sentences.

Why It's Useful: ShortKeys accelerates your BPO report generation by automating repetitive text entries, saving you valuable time.

How to Get Started: Download ShortKeys for PC and configure shortcuts for common phrases you use in your BPO reports.


What It Is: A multi-faceted BPO assistant tool available for $50 per month.

Why It's Useful:

  • BPO and Vendor Assistant Payments: Manages your cash flow by monitoring incoming BPO and outgoing vendor payments.

  • Data Entry Tool: Automatically populates data from the MLS into your BPO forms, reducing manual entry and errors.

  • Photo Taking App: Includes a photo storage feature that retains your BPO photos indefinitely at no extra cost, accessible to assistants via email alerts.

How to Get Started: Visit TrackMyForeclosures.com and consider their $50/month subscription.

Claro Briones' BPO Automation Tool

What It Is: A tool designed to automate data entry tasks for BPOs.

Why It's Useful: Minimizes the time and errors associated with manual data entry in BPO forms and reports.

How to Get Started: Visit the BPO-Automation website to explore its features and pricing.

Photo Eraser Web App

What It Is: A web-based application specialized in removing unwanted objects, including people, from photos.

Why It's Useful: Particularly useful for drive-by BPOs, Photo Eraser ensures your property photos are professional and privacy-compliant by removing unintended people from the frame.

How to Get Started: Visit Photo Eraser Web App to begin editing your photos.

By integrating these tools into your BPO operations, you can significantly elevate your efficiency and income potential. I eagerly await your thoughts and experiences with these tools and any other resources you've found beneficial in your BPO journey.

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